Arise Africa is committed to helping individuals live a life that God desires for all mankind by assisting with spiritual, economic, and physical poverty. We strive to empower others through the truth and love of Jesus Christ to become responsible, independent, and sustaining individuals.

Arise Africa began when some enthusiastic and entrepreneurial people came together with the same heart and passion for Africa. We had visited the continent in one way or another and came home knowing that our lives were changed and we wanted to help. After long discussions and prayer about how we wanted to provide aid, we started Arise Africa.  We believe in helping the continent of Africa out of poverty while not forcing them with Western thoughts or practices. The culture in Africa is amazing, almost contagious at times!  The people are equipped with the best hearts, and we don't ever want to hinder them or spread issues. This is one of the main reasons we try to help in the areas of health care, education and discipleship. 

With that in mind, we are the first to admit that we are not African nor claim to be. Some of our ideas can be "Western" and this is where our African partners and staff come into play. To date we only have one American living in Africa and over thirty Africans running the ministry in their homeland.  Any idea or project we wish to do has to be approved by both our American and African teams. The African team must approve that the project would benefit their country and that it would work.  Has our African staff told us no before? Yes they have! And we love that.  Anyone involved with Arise Africa must understand this.  Our openness about ideas and how things are being run makes us transparent and have great success.  It too reduces the "musungu" (white person) footprint. In Africa, our relationships with school teachers, parents, pastors, businessmen and everything in between is extremely important to us.  It is our desire to come alongside those in need and help them to become successful on their own.

There are many checks and balances within Arise Africa.  The responsibility falls not to one person but everyone.  Business transactions and wire transfers are in the open with both the American and African sides.  There is accountability with each team member and all projects are well documented by taking pictures as well as written reports and interviews with the recipient.  Arise Africa consists of a USA board of 10 individuals as well as a Zambian board of 10.  Everyone within Arise Africa understands that the most important part of our job is to be kind, responsible and transparent to our donors, supporters and other staff.  

Arise Africa is based on these principles from the Bible.  We are a ministry and how we treat the money given to us is just as important as the people we are helping. We encourage you to ask questions about how we operate.  We encourage you to ask our partners and supporters as well.

Our openness and strong beliefs have created an environment that is very productive and beneficial for everyone involved. The bond and trust between team members both African and American is only God-given. As Americans, we could not be more excited than when we land on the ground in Africa to see our fellow African team members! We cherish our time with them and admire their work ethic and ability to get things done. We love the fact that they help us find toilets that are at least somewhat acceptable. We love it that they, too, like our Purell! We love it when they make us try their food which our stomachs aren't sure about. And of course we feel rather proud of ourselves when they start saying "y'all". Our African team is amazing at the work they do and couldn't be more passionate about it. As Americans it is an honor and privilege to come alongside and work with them.

We encourage you to not only help us financially but also become involved. Although your money is nice and we will gladly take it, we want you to be impacted more! We want you to feel the love and blessing that comes with giving. We want you to pray with us for the children and adults we are working with. We want you to meet our friends and help teach people we work with in Africa. We want you to see where your hard earned money and effort goes. So we ask you to partner with us as much as you will! Whether that is through financially donating, praying with us, or going on a trip, we want you to see how together we can change the lives of the people in Africa!

Arise Africa is exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in Section 501(C)(3) by the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the ministry are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.