God's Grace

The past few days our Arise Africa team has been nervously praying for God to help us find two brothers who are in our child sponsorship program. Brian (11) and Armond (7) live alone in a child headed household, that Brian is the oldest in. Basically they have no parents after watching their father stab their mother and then be taken to jail where he died months later.

When we started the child sponsorship program the headmasters at the school chose the kids who were most in need of help. And they were at the top of the list. The past month through our donors we have been able to pay for their school fees, start feeding them and tried to keep an eye on them. But they have nobody else at all watching after them.

The boys had not been at school the past few days and our Arise Africa team members and teachers from the school had started looking for them at their house and in the community. They had disappeared and were nowhere to be found.

We just got word from Zambia that they were found, in a market picking food from a dump. We are so grateful to know they are safe and sound. But yet just as our Zambians said, "the situation needs an alternative solution."

Please be praying for all of our team and most importantly Brian and Armond. As we navigate through these tough situations and try to do what is best we ask you to pray with us for solutions and stability for our kiddos.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed at times, but then I remember that I am blessed to work with some of the most driven and compassionate people on earth both in the USA and Zambia.

Alissa RosebroughComment