The Beginning

Well here is our first blog post... I can't even describe what the past few weeks have been like for all of us involved with starting this non profit ministry. I think I can say we are all overwhelmed at the amazing support we have received.

Let's just highlight a few of the past week's awesome developments:

  • We have had 20 laptops donated to us, 20!! Thank you David Hornberger and Vinson and Eklins law firm!
  • We were able to purchase over 120 books for $1 each at the DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary) bookstore. AND when I arrived Greg (who had called and gave me the heads up about the great sale) had somehow managed to get them to give us 530 Bibles. GIVE US 530 BIBLES people. Do you know how crazy that is?? Now we need to figure out shipping! hmmm... anyone wanna drive a boat full of books to Zambia for free?? Here is a picture of the poor girl who had to check us out and Greg holding one or our receipts.
  • We have an incredible group of people ready to go to Africa at the beginning of 2011 to help us build a classroom and paint a current school. In accordance to this we have had many teachers donate school supplies, posters, wall art, and children's books for this trip. Please read our material donations page to learn how you can help us too!
Our African Team is pumped and moving forward very strong! Between juggling jobs, school and doing things completely voluntarily for us until we have profits to hire them, they are sacrificing SO SO much for the people in their country. I'm so proud of them and can't thank all of you enough for your support!!

So here we go, let the games begin!!

Thank you for your support in all the ways it has come!

- Alissa Hollimon on behalf of Arise Africa