Bike Day!!

Yesterday evening I picked up my friend Katie from the States. As I was waiting for her the power went out three times in the airport, welcome to Africa Katie! We crashed last night and got up early today.

We spent the morning sitting in some Equipped To Counsel classes that Arise Africa is teaching throughout this week at a local church here in Zambia. We have two great American teachers that are teaching 30 Zambians from three different churches. Rachael and Renee are teaching through material that they have gone through themselves in the USA with Equipped to counsel leaders. The class is focused on training people how to counsel Biblically and it was really interesting to hear. There were great questions that Zambians asked about salvation, suffering, and predestination. I was glad I wasn't teaching the class!! Renee did a great job with that!

After checking in with our Equipped to counsel class, we took Jayrose in to town and got that kid a bike! and a big one! We spent a long time in town scouting out various shops that sold bikes and looking at their prices. Katie and I spent most of the time in the car because when a white girl shows up, the prices go up!

We got Jayrose a bike and boy is he happy! He wanted a blue one and I was concerned the size was too big. But after some time of discussion it was emphasized to me how important it is that it is big enough so he can grow into it. Well he certainly can and the kid doesn't grow much from year to year that I have seen!! He was so sweet and excited, this huge grin was on his face! We explained to Jayrose that he is getting the bike because he held up to his promise of going to school. We were told by his grandmother that he loves school now and doesn't ever miss it. And he doesn't even play in the city dump that much! Bonus!!!

I finished off our day with a long meeting with Bwalya about future plans and desires. We discussed our business projects we have ongoing and were really encouraged by God's work. We continue to meet people over here to help with our partnership and see God's hand in opening opportunities and relationships that are benefiting these kids and our Zambian team!

Tomorrow is another FULL day of meetings, and planning so please continue to pray for us!

- Alissa