Goodbyes and Arrivals

So the blog ended abruptly and we apologize for that! We lost internet the last few days at our lodge and then we were gone!

The last day of camp was amazing and saying goodbye to our kiddos was no easy task. There were lots of tears and sad goodbyes for both Americans and Zambian kids. The kids received a book bag and a pencil which were huge hits! Super thanks to Texas Wildlife Association for the bags!

We had a great team dinner Friday night at the local Mexican food restaurant in Lusaka. Don’t worry it is run by a friend from Texas so it is legit! Our Zambians had never experienced Mexican Food and they were very surprised. We had some issues with it being too spicy for our Zambian team and many glasses of ice water were consumed. But all in all they liked it, or at least acted like they did!

Some of our Americans left Saturday and other did a Victoria Falls trip and headed out Monday for the states.

We have been home for about a week now and miss Zambia a lot. I think everyone is struggling with re entry into the States and fully processing what they just experienced. But it is good struggles to be having, and God is working in everyone in different ways.

This trip went AMAZINGLY well. And I have to give credit to God foremost and then all the amazing people who participated on both continents to make this happen.

We were able to build three classrooms and an office that will help 156 kids receive an education.

We held a Vacation Bible School to 170 kids and taught them about God’s unconditional love, AIDS, and many other important topics.

We delivered about 2000 pounds worth of school supplies and clothes to two community schools.

We fed about 650 healthy meals to children and adults who were hungry.

God is working in Arise Africa, and we are blessed to be a part of it. Without your help and donations none of this would have happened!

THANK YOU for your support!!

- Alissa Hollimon

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