We are exhausted. EXHAUSTED! This morning we went to Greenhill School and saw the classrooms that we raised funds to build. And they are amazing. Our Zambian friends worked hard to do the bricks and mortar and finish the roof before rainy season. And WOW were we happy to have a roof today! Because it hailed! On us, in Zambia. And the Zambians loved it and were delighted at the sight of “ice” and were trying to eat it.

We painted, measured doors, cut wood, made cement, layed cinder blocks, installed window frames, blew up our power tool charger, bought new power tools, made two paint runs, and began to work on the chalkboards. We are exhausted! We hope to paint a lot more tomorrow, hand out school supplies, and hang out with kiddos.

One of our favorite parts of the day was when some of the kids danced for us, and then we had to jump in! They loved it and we certainly can’t dance like them, but we do look funny trying!

In the late afternoon the rain came and it was impressive. We were able to take cover in our new building and the roof is very well built! We all made a mad dash to get into the mini bus and drove home soaking wet.

The dinner crew tonight had fun at the grocery store trying to make a Mexican food casserole until they realized that they didn’t have any ingredients. They quickly changed their recipe and improvised and we had a great meal!

Alissa RosebroughComment