There is nothing like the feeling of driving into Destiny School our first morning and being welcomed by 170 ecstatic Zambian children singing God’s praises. Each member of the team was paired up with a Zambian partner, either from our Arise staff, or a teacher from the school. Later on, we were each given 10 children to spend the next three days with. In these three days, we are focusing on unconditional love, knowing what a rare experience it is for these kids. We are instilling that the Lord loves them no matter who they are, no matter what circumstances they face, and no matter what they do. Our hope is for each of these kids to leave with these truths by the end of the week!

One of the more interesting moments of the day:
Sharing with 170 kids their first experience with Peanut butter and Jelly and a local Zambian “Super Shake”!!
Unlike many American kids, they will eat whatever is put in front of them, although not always to their liking; in need to fill their empty stomachs. Because their bodies often receive only one meal per day, our provided lunch of a PBJ gives them protein, and the super shake loads with vitamins and nutrients to give them energy. Let’s just say they preferred the Super Shake!

Just as we did at Greenhill, through donated items and the work of our team, we were able to better equip Destiny school with the tools to give each of their students a better education. The teachers sang to God in praise as they looked through the items, and we are exited about getting to organize and prepare them for the opening of the new school year! They are continuously amazed by all the fancy creations the United States has come up with for teaching!

Most of these children have never experienced the love we get to feel on a daily basis. We were quick to realize the impact a simple hug could have on the lives of these kids. Grasping at our arms and holding tightly to each of us, looking down at these smiling faces brings tears to your eyes. We are teaching these kids unconditional love, and yet they love us unconditionally. No matter who we are, no matter what circumstances we face, and no matter what we do.

Alissa RosebroughComment