Shine Bright firefly, Shine Bright!

This past January on our mission trip we were able to dedicate the three classrooms built at Greenhill School to various individuals/companies. We choose people or groups that stood for education, God's love, and service.

One of the classrooms was dedicated to our dear friend Sarah Chidgey Hughes. When we dedicated the classroom we spoke of Sarah's love for teaching elementary school in Houston Texas, and how great of a teacher she was, and how much she loved her kids and everyone. We also spoke about Sarah's spirit and how even at the darkest of times, she taught us to look to God.

Sarah had been fighting cancer when we dedicated the classroom in her honor in January, and this morning that fight ended and Sarah's pain is over. We are terribly saddened by Sarah's death, but we know there is a special angel watching over Greenhill School.

You can read more about Sarah's journey here:

We thank you Sarah for ALL the lessons learned through you teaching and may God watch over your husband, family, and friends. You are already greatly missed!

Alissa RosebroughComment