Buseco Market Fire

Yesterday we learned that the local market in the area of one of our community schools had caught on fire. We had many kids that lived in the market, in their "homes" made of sticks and plastic tarps. This market is also where a lot of wood is cut and straw is sold. It was very concerning for us and our Zambian team spent alot of time finding our kids and trying to help. They immediately went to the market when they found out and started checking on and gathering our kids.

This afternoon we learned that only two of our children were effected and they are physically OK. Goodson and Frank, are two of our sponsored kids and were inside their home when the homes caught on fire. Considering their house is made of plastic and timber, it quickly caught on fire and spread. The boys were able to escape but were concerned that their younger sister did not. she was found and unharmed by one of our staff. Their mother left for the northern provence about 4 or 5 months ago and has never returned. They were living by themselves.

Both boys had received clothes and new shoes from us in May in a effort to prepare them for winter (which is happening right now). The items were lost in the fire and they were very upset by this. Our staff did a great job of taking them to school and resupplying them with clothes, school supplies, and other items.

Photo from May

As of now, the boys are sleeping at the school and we are unsure of the future and where they will live. Please pray for these sweet kids and Arise Africa as well as we try to help them.