on the ground and rolling

I arrived in Lusaka today and met the rest of our Americans who have been here for a few days.

John, Megan, Bwalya, and I wasted no time heading to the coffee shop and organizing all our calendars together for the next few weeks. It was complete chaos as we tried to coordinate so much we need to do. It was rather entertaining as I only had about two hours of sleep.

We all then split and headed to our respected places and started working on our lists! John and Bwalya and I headed to buy a basketball rim for a hoop that we are having welded for one of our community schools. (they don't make basketball hoops you can buy in Zambia, so you have to get one made) After John and I somehow managed to buy an $80 basketball only to have to return it, we headed to Destiny school where our other Americans, Caroline and Michael were already there and meeting with folks and working on their chicken farming project.

We hung out at destiny for a long time today and we got to see all our sponsored kids and other friends we have there. We left with Caroline and Michael feeling like they have a good plan for the next day.

We had a great steak dinner at an awesome restaurant and then headed to bed.

Big day tomorrow folks!

- The crew!