NEw folks

The rest of our team safely arrived in Lusaka on Saturday. Stephanie and Avery’s flight arrived almost 2 hours late so there was alot of waiting around at the airport (pretty typical for Zambia). But we got everything together and made it back to Shakespeare Lodge minus one bag which was full of donations and not personal items thankfully. Caroline and Michael spent the morning securing nesting boxes for the new chicken “fortress” at Destiny. In Caroline’s words, “Who are the natural predators of chickens in the chicken fortress? Humans and ants. This is hard to plan for.” Hopefully, with the well built fortress the chickens will be secure and live a long life. Shortly after we went to check on the progress that John and Bwayla were making putting up a basketball goal for the kids. We really tried our best to scale it to regulation height, but the goal was Zambian crafted and looked quite a bit different from a regular basketball goal. To begin with, the backboard was made out of wood and the inner square on the backboard was quite a bit smaller. To top it all off, the net was red, white and blue. A very interesting mix of sorts. The kids will have alot of fun with that once we teach them how to play. We also made a trip out to see one of our sponsored kids and his family. We checked in to see how schooling was going with the children and how the family was managing. They were also provided with new clothes for school (which everyone was extremely excited about). Our visit was short because we were due to pick Callie and Kelly up from the airport. At the time of their arrival, 100% of the electricity at the airport was out (also not unusual for Lusaka where there are regular rolling blackouts). After collecting everyone we made it back to the Lodge to make pizzas and get some rest.

On Sunday morning we headed to church and had a great time. We all were happy that one of the speakers was out and the keyboard was not working! Sometimes it can be a bit loud and it was great to hear just voices. After church we headed to the market and bought souveiners. We finished Sunday off having dinner with the Zambian and American teams.

Today is a big day and we will blog later tonight!

The crew