Getting Ready for Camp

Dear friends,

The night is winding down in Lusaka. Here are just a few thoughts from this evening.

There is some great Tex-Mex in Zambia. Our team had an incredible meal at a local restaurant. The place was supposed to be closed tonight, but they opened up just for us. Everything was going smoothly. We had finished eating. Then Alissa surprised John David Newman with a millipede. It was one of those "close your eyes and open your hands" moments, and John David was a trooper. He did great, but all the girls screamed at the sight. With the millipede on the loose, it was time to get the check and head for the bus!

Back at the Baptist Mission, the team heard all about camp. Each of our team members will have 10 children and a Zambian Christian as a ministry partner. Tonight we learned the kids' names and started making name tags and getting ready for day one tomorrow. If you do the math, that's 260 children who will join us for camp. I love the thought that 260 people may experience love and compassion like they have never felt before. We want to know their stories and point them to the hope that we have found in Christ.

We finished the night singing and praying together. We started with "How Deep the Father's Love for Us" and eventually ended with "It Is Well With My Soul," two songs that hit us right where we are. Thanks for praying for us. Pray that we would rest in God's love for us. Pray that he would remind us that he's with us as we dive in tomorrow.

It's around 11pm here, and we'll be on the buses to go to camp by 7:10am tomorrow morning. Time to get some sleep!

Grace and peace,
Robby Higginbottom

Alissa RosebroughComment