Tile Selection...

This morning Megan and I went out to meet David the builder of the orphanage.  It was a big day, we were picking out tile for the home as well as fixtures.  It took us some time to get to David.  First, Zambia is having a major fuel shortage right now.  Most gas stations have not had gas since Saturday and there are major lines everywhere with people waiting for fuel.  This is making traffic backed up because these lines are at a standstill on the roads. Luckily we have enough vehicles where some run on fuel and some run on diesel.  There is plenty of diesel so we are safe, for now at least.

We also managed to miss the meeting point with David and had a run around finding him.  TIA (this is Africa).

After mass confusion and spending hours in the car because of the traffic we made it to the tile store.

We had a couple selections to make and here is what we choose:

Here is the tile for the kitchen floor and entire den and dining room:

We love the safari theme!

And on the left is the toilet we have chosen:

We have really really good taste and David agreed. JUST KIDDING!

This is not what we choose at all, I kinda wanted to freak some of you out though.

Here is the REAL tile we selected:

Bathroom walls:

Bathroom Floors:

Kitchen Floor:

The iphone photos are not great quality but we promise they look good!  We decided to select industrial tile for all of the floors given they will get quite a bit of traffic on them.  We also choose a tile in the kitchen with some brown/red to match the cabinets and the dirt that the kids will be tracking in. 

And we don't have a photo of the real toilets because they are actually getting installed as we speak.  But don't worry they are just plain white.

We talked to David for a long time about the kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and knobs for the sinks. We are very excited about our choices.  Poor David, he was happy to see us leave I think.  This is one part of Arise Africa that we never seem to have too little of; opinions!  David just wants to install the dang tile!  But we got it figured out and David placed the order while we were there.

We are excited that the orphanage is coming along, we just hope and pray the remaining funds come in for us to be able to start to build the wall and finish the home.  Take a look at the Kershaws challenge website about this step. 

We are SO close, but we have a bit more fundraising to do before we can start to have kids living there!

In Him, 

Alissa Hollimon