First Stop by Grace

This morning, Alissa and I headed to Grace Christian Community School in Ng’ombe (kind of like a neighborhood that’s still in Lusaka but not so much “in” the city).  We wanted to arrive in time to help Florence and Lucy, our Arise staff that oversees the child sponsorship at Grace, cook lunch for the kids.

The lunch menu included enshima with soya pieces and onions and tomatoes -- basically grits with beans and onions and tomatoes.  It was considered a top-notch lunch around here!  Alissa helped stir and received a high compliment from the Zambian “chefs” that she was quite a strong “muzungu” (white girl) and was making a good batch of enshima!

Before we served up lunch, Alissa and I got permission to poke our heads in to the Grade 1 and preschool classrooms and completely disrupt class to say hi.  We got to see the kids using the fabulous classroom furniture that Arise Africa received from a generous grant from Cox Chapel at Highland Park UMC.  The older kids were in desks and the little ones were at big colorful round tables and tiny chairs, and our Arise staff was excited to show us the lockable cabinets where they can keep valuables secure. – Just warmed this teacher’s heart! J -- It’s such an honor to get to see how much the gifts from America bless these kids and communities on this side! 

We loved chatting with the Grace kids over lunch and got to see and meet a lot of the kiddos that are sponsored by our great Americans.  I’ve missed having Zambian kids hold my hands and play with my crazy, curly hair that is so foreign to them and speak Nyanja to me that I don’t understand a bit!  It’s so good to be back! J

Biggest Laugh of the Day: At the beginning of the Arise Africa staff meeting today, Alissa wanted to do a communication exercise team building game.  After some brainstorming, we decided to do the partner obstacle course game with one person blindfolded and one leading, which was a total hit!  There was lots of, “No, this way” and pointing in a direction (of course they’re blindfolded and can’t see a thing!) and “No, your other left,” and lots and lots of laughing!  They did a wonderful job, and we all got in some great team bonding!

We finally get to pick up our American teachers tonight at 10:10pm our time.  We’re thrilled!... The official Week 1 Trip begins tomorrow!

Thank you to all of you for your prayers – Keep ‘em coming!  All is going wonderfully, and we know the best is still to come!