Teacher Training Begins

From Madeline,

Today marked the first day of teacher training, and honestly it could not have gone better. We started the morning with "Get to Know You Bingo." Ernest, from Miracle Life, quickly made the rounds to get to know everyone and won!

One of our first discussions involved writing and talking about our favorite teachers. The Zambians shared stories of teachers who believed in them more than they believed in themselves, had high expectations, and taught with hearts full of patience and love. It was teachers who told them they could do big things, and now they are. They are changing the lives of the many children that walk in and out of their doors. We concluded our discussions with how to build up students, make them feel important, and truly be a servant leader.

Later, we spent the afternoon at Cheshire Homes- an organization run by Catholic nuns that serves children with disabilities. We played outside, giggled while swinging, and bowled in the courtyard.

After hanging with the children for sometime outside they wanted to play futball. I couldn't help questioning if they could play futball. Not only could these children play futball, they totally schooled Holstien.

  Sam, a child with one leg, showed us a thing or two about playing soccer. Boy he's fast!

Our last stop before heading home was the check on the progress of the orphanage. Windows are in and things are really coming together. Alissa even took a swing at digging trenches!

We are still all grateful to be here and are looking forward to another beautiful winter day in Zambia tomorrow!