Kids Bible Camp in Action!

Hebrews 11:1: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”

            Kid’s Camp has started, and we have been having an amazing time teaching our kids about faith! Some of our team welcomed new members this weekend, while the others enjoyed time in Victoria Falls. While we were riding elephants and Madeline was bungee jumping toward the Zambezi River, Joseph was dealing with a flight fiasco! But after a trip to Washington, DC and a short visit to Ethiopia, he arrived safely to Lusaka just as the rest of the team returned from Vic Falls!

Victoria Falls

            We are thankful that the first day of kid’s camp went smoothly as we taught the kids about faith with a trust falling game. Our Zambian/American partnerships have been so much fun, and we have definitely felt a cultural emergence as the Zambian staff translates our English bible stories to Nyanja (one of the 70 tribal languages of Zambia).

            The second day of kid’s camp was a blast. Half of our team walked the Grace Community School kids through Ngombe compound to camp, while the others welcomed a Bauleni School. We learned about Noah and his faith in God as he built his boat having never seen rain. The kids played a version of “red rover” where they created animals to hang around their necks and then yelled “Old Noah Old Noah send the lion right over!” Needless to say it was incredibly entertaining for everyone involved.

            Today camp revolved around Abraham’s story of faith, as he trusted in God’s provision by uprooting his family after hearing the Lord’s call. Our memory verse for the day comes from Romans 10:17, “For faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God.” Within our small groups we played a version of “Simon Says” but exchanging Simon for Jesus, and we also spent time creating and coloring Abraham’s journey. The day ended with a lunch of PB&J and then we headed to Mother Teresa’s orphanage.

            Mother Teresa’s orphanage has a long-standing relationship with Arise Africa, and the children welcomed us with open arms. We spent time holding babies, playing kickball and jump roping as well as many pushes on the swing set. The Americans were joined by our Zambian staff, and we all had a really great time loving on the kids.

            After long days like these, there is nothing better than to share a meal while we exchange stories of how God is working in the lives of these kids as well as ours. We have all been amazed by the way these kids love us with no expectations, just pure uninhibited love. It is truly an amazing feeling to share moments with these kids regardless of language barriers. This week has flown by, and we are very excited about the next two days of kid’s camp! We would like to thank everyone is the USA who are sending support and prayers to our team; we know the Lord is making a difference in these kid’s lives, and we feel blessed to be here!

- Carly Farmer and the crew