On the ground and running

I arrived in Lusaka on Thursday night at 10:30 pm and escaped the customs check which was great because in my checked in luggage I had two brand new mac desktop computers!  That would have been fun to try to explain.  Our Zambia team desperately needed them and luckily had no issues and they were not broken in route! 

After leaving the airport we went straight to the orphanage to see it!  It was dark, but cool to see even in the pitch black night! 

After sleeping through the night which was awesome, I woke up yesterday morning and headed to our office to meet up with our Zambian crew.  We had a blast running around and making plans for the next week before our American teams arrive.  We are in major planning mode and getting supplies for our teachers training and kids Bible camp. 

Bwalya and I went back out to the orphanage to see it during daylight and I was BLOWN away at it!  It is awesome!  They have done a great job building it and we are so close. 


This is the inside kitchen/dining room/den


Entrance to the house

Side of house and our huge yard for growing food! 

After visiting the orphanage we had a few more meetings and were finished for the day.  I jumped in the car and fought traffic to pick up a few pizzas and go have dinner with one of our staffers, Brenda, and her kids Hope and Jefferson.  We had a great time eating pizza, ice cream, and watermelon.  Hope showed me all of her school stuff and we worked on some reading for a while. 

I went to be early and have another full day for today.


More later!


- Alissa Hollimon