Interior decorating is NOT my thing

Yesterday was a great day, until I had to go shopping.  I started the morning off at Destiny School where we have some of our children in our Child Sponsorship program.  They were having an assembly and were handing out prizes for the kids from each class that made the best grades in the previous term.  The prizes consisted of new pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, and excersise books. 

This was the first time for Destiny to do something like this.  It certainly made children understand the importance of working hard and I think the competition to do well will be there!  A few kids cried because they didn't get a prize. The kids cheered as other children's names were called.  One 9th grade boy won literally almost every subject!

Our sponsored children did GREAT!  We had quite a few winners from our crew.

Taonga receiving her prize

We had a total of 7 kids receive some of the highest grades in their classes. 

Our sponsored kids with Beatrice Kayunda

The kids that had the top exam scores from our program were; Martin, Esther, Judith, Taonga, Guideon, Esther C., and Florence. 

After the assembly I headed out to grab a bite to eat with some of our staff and discuss some investment ideas I've had.  As I was trying to find the restaurant I made a wrong turn and was driving through a roundabout and saw a minibus that was broken down.  I kept thinking to myself how much that stinks for that minibus driver and then noticed it was Abraham our driver driving my minibus that I own!!

Luckily it was a small problem and Abraham was able to fix it. 

After lunch Megan, Soloman and myself headed to buy fabric for the bedspreads for the kids at the orphanage. I had NO idea how much of a process this would be.  I hate shopping as anyone who knows me quickly knows this. But this was a HEADACHE!

Let me just give you an idea of the fabric room we were in for about an hour:

Megan and I had very different ideas about what colors to use, what matched, and what was tacky or not. It was quite an adventure.  Poor Soloman would pick out a fabric pattern and hold it up for us and we would either say yes or no quickly.  It also is hard to find fabric we like that they have enough of for us to buy to make 10 bedspreads.  And then at the end we had all the fabric picked out and were ready to go and Megan was trying to throw some new fabric in. She kept saying "We have to look at ALL the possibilities." Well let me tell you when you are in a room like this with all these fabrics there are ALOT of possibilities.  By the end of all of this I was sitting on the floor with Soloman praying for the torture to end as Megan negotiated with the guys about some type of green fabric being a different pattern than the other that I couldn't even see the different patterns.

In the end we got some GREAT fabric for the boys and girls  that will now go to our favorite seamstress Prisca, and be made into bedspreads. 

Fabric for bedspreads

After the bedspread fabric shopping Megan then says we have to pick out fabric for the couch cushions.  All I wanted to do was curl up in the fetal position and cry.  We hit THREE more shops looking for couch cushion fabric and I will tell you what, there are some UGLY fabrics for sale in Africa. We are still haven't found the right fabric for the couches. 

But I did find some killer door knobs:

After the fabric shopping we headed out to the orphanage to meet some folks who will be building flower boxes. And I got to pull weeds from the grass we planted which is my total therapy right now!

That's it for now folks!

- Alissa

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