Zesco ohhh Zesco

For those who have not been following the electricity drama it has been intense.  We have been begging the electric company to turn on electricity to our home for about 4 months.  The electric company in Zambia is run by the government and it is slow, to say it most politely.  We built our home on a "fully serviced" plot which means electricity and water are already run and supposedly hooked up.  Unfortunately the developers of our plot have been asking the electric company to come out for months to actually run lines from each home to the telephone poles and actually turn on the electricity. 

On Friday we got the name of another man who works for Zesco and begged him to come to our home.  Arnold showed up with his crew which was AWESOME!

They spent maybe ten minutes running a line from the telephone pole to our house.  And we thought that would be it!

Unfortunately after the line was run we still didn't have electricity.  That was when they all piled in their car and ran around to a bunch of other telephone lines and came back informing me the transformer needed to be turned on and that wasn't their department.  Of course it isn't.  We were at least one step closer since we had an actual line run to our home.

This weekend I spoke to Arnold about every other hour and supposedly they are coming out tomorrow to turn on this transformer.  We are SO SO close folks but still no electricity.

We are making progress in other areas though!  We took the fabric to our seamstress and she will have a girl's bed spread made next weekend for us to check out.  We also planted more grass at the home in efforts to cut down the dust everywhere.  We stopped by the carpenter and took a look at the 13 dressers being made and saw the finished library chairs.  He is also making our dining room table and our shelving for the library and pantry.

There is more to come later folks but internet is acting up!

In Him,


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