Orphanage Update

Ok folks the orphanage is coming along.  We have kitchen cabinets going in a few weeks.  We have pantry shelving and library shelving going in this week.  We polished the floors the other day thanks to the Showell Family's Susan who is a rockstar.  THANKS SHOWELLS AND SUSAN and your friends!  We also got approved by the health department which was a major step!

So what comes next?

There are many steps to get approved by the Zambian government and these are the next steps we are working on:

1. Get electricity turned on in the home (pray for the electric company to come out and help us!)

2. Social Welfare to approve our paperwork and come do a walkthrough the home

3. Societies to approve our paperwork

4.  Social Welfare to approve the children we want in the home

5. Hire full time house moms

6.  Social welfare to give us full custody papers of the kids for the home

7. Furniture to be made correctly and fully moved into the home

8. Get kids sponsored in the USA


As you can see, we have a laundry list of items to get finished.  And working with the government is not very easy at times.  We are told different things and they are not very efficient.  We ask you to pray through each of these major steps we are trying to accomplish.  The electricity is the most pressing issue right now!

Alissa RosebroughComment