Christmas Catalog : Buy A Health Pack

From September of 2012 to May of 2013, I suffered from debilitating migraines. I had never dealt with any sort of major head issues before—aside from the occasional headache growing up, of course, and the one incident during my junior year of college where I found myself with a stress-related headache that hurt so badly I threw up three times in one night—and my family and I traveled from specialist to specialist for months trying to figure out what exactly was wrong with my body. Unfortunately, no one could really pinpoint an answer.

During my prolonged stint of sickness, as I tried to live and work as best I could in the midst of feeling downright horrible every single day, I learned how important it was to fill my body with everything it needed to function and function well: a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, and lean protein, as well as additional vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements. Even though I was healthy girl (aside from the crazy headaches), the doctors encouraged this practice in order to ensure that I was supplying my body with all of the nutrients it needed to thrive.

Let’s quickly go over those facts one more time. I was a healthy, 23-year-old living in America. I was eating at least two, sometimes three highly nutritional (though occasionally lacking in iron due to my stint with vegetarianism) meals each day. I was drinking a lot of water, and I was exercising a little, even though I really hated doing so. However, I still had doctors telling me that I needed to add vitamins and nutritional supplements to my diet each day in order to “boost my system” and make my body the very best it could be.

How much more, then, do you think a small boy or girl in Zambia—who could be suffering from a number of ailments ranging from malnutrition to malaria to HIV/AIDS—needs those vitamins and nutritional supplements to thrive?

This Christmas, Arise Africa is giving you the opportunity to purchase Health Packs for children in Zambia. These packs provide crucial vitamins, minerals, calories, and proteins to children who are suffering from life-threatening ailments and thus daily finding themselves in desperate need. Please partner with us as we aim to help these children grow healthy and strong this holiday season!

Alissa RosebroughComment