Family Faith Camp, Day 2

Today’s memory verse: For we walk by faith, not by sight. – 2 Corinthians 5:7

The completed ark. What ten creative kids can build in an hour with minimal supplies.

Solomon and Kochelani work together every day at Grace Community School as child sponsorship officers. The largest component of their day-to-day work is to disciple children. Therefore it should have come as no surprise that their teaching on Noah’s ark was spot on.

Noah’s faith is huge. For a hundred years, he built an ark for a rain no one had ever seen. Imagine what the neighbors were saying the day before it started to rain. Imagine having to tell people you’re waiting on the Lord’s perfect timing for over one hundred years! It reminded me that I am so blessed to see the fruit of the Lord’s work, particularly in Arise Africa. Solomon and Koch did a great job communicating the message that we can have faith despite the most difficult of circumstances.

Then we sang a song calling for Noah to open the door, because even if the typical American Noah story glosses over the fact that more than a few people got left outside the ark, Zambians tell it straight.

Arise staff member Lucy leading worship this morning. She and Brenda were getting onto all of us for a poor effort in yelling JESUS is POWER!

Arise Staff members Kochelani (left) and Solomon (right) telling the story of Noah’s ark.

Older kids drawing animals for Noah, Noah let ____ come over (Red Rover)!

Noah, Noah game in action. We had to warn the Americans that these types of games get pretty physical, but not to worry, they’re just competitive kids.

After camp wrapped up at Greenhill, the crew was off to Mother Teresa’s Orphanage and Hospice to love on some kids. Mother Teresa’s has been a great friend to Arise. One of kids was very, very sick and needed full-time (hourly feedings around the clock), Mother Teresa’s team took him in and nursed him back to health. We try to help in any way possible, and a lot of times that just looks like a couple extra hands to hold kiddos. Today, however, we were able to deliver blankets to keep the kids warm in this uncommonly cold weather.

On a side note, the monkey is officially on the loose. He’s a scrappy little guy and has learned to be quick on his feet from defending himself against a whole school of children. Plus Alissa.

Alissa playing with matches with the pet monkey, Jacque. The children know exactly how this is going to end and are clinging to legs.  Seconds later the matches are all over the ground, the camera is flying through the air, and Jacque is making a getaway.

Until tomorrow,