Family Faith Camp, Day 3

Today we're just doing a photo update. There have been some hilarious moments the past few days, and some tough moments - we're all loving every minute of it. This group of people, staff, volunteers, and trip participants alike, are unmatched. We're digging in deep with the older kids, making stories that sometimes seem anectodal applicable, and having a blast all around. Here are some highlights from the day:

Waving during Jesus Says (similar to Simon Says), there was some confusion with the rules, so everyone won.

"Do as I do. I do, I do." evolved into a massive running circle while we waited for the older kids.

Blind-folded and ready for the faith demonstration. I think when it was explained that Abraham had faith in God even during hard times, but we must way for the sweet times at the end of it, most of the kids were petrified as to what the "hard times" would be. Turns out it was just a sour patch gummy that turns sweet.

Child sponsorship officers Solomon and Kochelani performing a skit to demonstrate faith. Here, Solomon is driving and Koch is figuring out that the radio doesn't work.

Solomon and Koch again. These guys are WONDERFUL and Arise is so lucky to have them. I'm not entirely sure what is going on here because the whole skit was in Nyanja, but they're supposed to be arguing all the way to Malawi.

Not pictured are the older kids inviting their Americans to come see where they live and hang out. A select few of the Americans got to walk around the Chamba Valley and see what day-to-day life looks like for the high school Zambian students. I'm sorely sorry I wasn't able to go on this part of the trip, but that's a testament to the trust and bond that has been growing amoungst the team members.

This afternoon, the group went to Grace Community School to visit the homes of children in the child sponsorship program under the discipleship of Solomon, Koch, and Florence. There was a lot of walking today for the whole group, so pray for restoration. Pray also for the children that have continued to overcome all obstacles on the way to camp every morning, praise God for the continued good turnout.