In Peace or In Pieces

Mrs. Tembo gave a rousing thank you at the end of Family Faith Camp at her school, Greenhill Community School. No one saw it coming. We didn’t see all the tears coming either. Mrs. Tembo’s speech was a poignant reminder of God’s ability to work through all things, all people, and in all circumstances. She said, “We didn’t know if you would find us in peace, or in pieces.”

Mrs. Tembo giving her thank you speech. There were tears all around.

It has been almost two years since we started to see this particular trip take shape. All the planning and preparation that went into it, doesn’t really matter when there are over one hundred kids involved. The whole thing could have fallen apart, every child’s heart could have been hardened to the gospel, communication could have failed and the American team could have been shuttled from one location to the next without ever making a real, personal connection. That could have easily been the story of this trip, but it wasn’t. Any of the many successes of this trip is owed to God, and subsequently His work through our staff, the families, and camp volunteers.

Super high jumpers at the jump rope station.

 A so-large-it-came-in-three-pieces bounce castle was a huge hit.

Polaroid photos developing. Thanks to the creativity of one of our families, every camper went home with a picture of themselves.

We have absolutely loved every minute of this trip, and I can only imagine how hard it is going to be to leave. I do know that God uses all things for the good of those who believe in him. One week here can have huge impact, and I believe for a lot of the children, it has. We can only encourage the Americans leaving that it isn’t over for us. Arise Africa has staff on the ground every day, and has committed to maintaining our presence for as long as we have your support to do so. Praying for us is the best start. Coming to see the work our staff does every day is great, too. If you’re interested in what longterm investment in a generation of children looks like for us, ask us and then come and see.

We are so blessed to have the support of so many people, those here and those at home. We love how your ideas and passion help us think about things in a new way. We particularly love that as God calls us to dream bigger, you’re right there with us. Thank you!

Waving the bus off for the last time.

- Camille