PCPC, Day 1

The newest group of Park Cities Presbyterian Church college students has just started their first day of camp. The group of children from Greenhill Community School that is participating this week, had to attend classes during the last camp. To say they were pumped for camp to start this morning is an understatement. Even the kids that already attended were excited. While I was in the clinic making PB&Js, I heard a round of “We. Are. The Warriors!” chant break out in a nearby classroom (Blake!).

PCPC group hanging out at the Arise Home after arriving on a morning flight.

We opened this morning like every other morning, with prayer and worship. The team of volunteers, Arise staff, and mission trip participants all gather in a circle on the soccer field to sing and pray. This morning worship evolved into one person getting in the middle and dancing, then picking the next person, and so on it goes. The whole set up is scary to me, but this group of PCPCers jumped right in. We love the energy already. With only one night of rest before getting right into camp, we’re impressed.

After dividing off into teams, we all gathered together for a round of morning songs.

Lucy disregarding the explicit instructions to keeps arms crossed at ALL times, but we’ll take what we can get because she made every excuse not to do the trust fall from the tall box.

We’re really excited that the Greenhill students are, on average, older this week than the previous group. It should be a really good fit with the energy of the college kids. We love that every group of PCPC students that come brings a completely different dynamic. We love that Robby can teach the Bible lessons with the translating help of our staff. We love that it’s all hands on deck, all the time.

Arise Africa staff members Kochelani and Susan acting out a skit to demonstrate faith even when we can’t imagine what will come next. Here, Koch is trying to keep Susan away from his paper making supplies.

Have I mentioned yet how great the Arise Africa staff is? I can’t say enough about each and every one of them. This truly wouldn’t be possible without them. Today, Koch and Susan kept over one hundred pairs of watchful eyes riveted on their skit. Even mine, even when the whole thing was in Nyanja. The curriculum has a general outline of what the skit is supposed to say, so I thought I was following along. It took me a minute to realize they were going off script, but the result was hilarious. Susan said Koch was crazy, and we all laughed. But, isn’t that what faith looks like to those that don’t believe in Christ? Thank God, He is faithful first, and that with time and trust we know His love for us. So that we can be certain of what we hope for and sure of what we do not see.

Susan still skeptical that Koch’s pile of paper scraps can be made into paper.

Camp volunteers and me walking through Chamba Valley because the shocks in the car can’t handle the poor roads and us at the same time.