Kids camp day 1

Hi y’all!

Camp finally started today and we are so excited for this week! We have 11 American volunteers joining us to help put on camp. The theme for camp is based on John 3:16 and we are spending each day talking about a certain part of the verse.

Today we showed up, met the other Zambian volunteers, and they taught us some songs in Niyanja. After having a dance party and time of prayer, we geared up to greet all the campers! All 11 of the American volunteers were paired up with a Zambian volunteer and given a group of about 10 kids.  From there they broke up into their groups, designed a team flag, and came up with a cheer.

The rest of the day was spent learning about the Shepherd and the Lost Sheep parable from Luke 15:1-7. The kids colored mazes and made a craft all based on this parable.

Towards the end of camp, we played a game where the American and Zambian volunteers chased around the “sheep” and put them in a “pen”. In other words, we played a giant game of tag and the kids loved it!

The last activity we did was to watch a skit based on the Parable of the Lost Coin that was written by some of the Arise Africa staff. They did such a good job and we could tell how much the kids enjoyed watching it!

We can’t wait for the rest of this week and are praying that the Lord does big things in the hearts of these kids!

In Him,

The Interns