Kids Camp Day 3

Hi y’all!

Today was another jam-packed day at camp! Day 3’s theme was “that whoever believes in him” and we spent our time learning about what it really looks like to believe.

First off, the Arise staff demonstrated belief by blowing up a balloon and telling the kids that even though we can’t see air, it still exists inside the balloon. The volunteers then reiterated this in their smaller groups, focusing on our belief in Christ.

Our big activity today was building and flying kites. Most of these kids have grown up making kites and flying them in the compound so it was really cool for them to teach us something for a change. We used the kites to represent the cross and Jesus being our blanket (a.k.a. the plastic bag as the body of the kite) who protects us. The Holy Spirit was symbolized through the wind, helping us soar in our walks with Christ. The kids absolutely loved this and would have spent hours flying them if we would have let them.

We finished the day with another entertaining skit about Zaccheus and then they continued to fly their new kites!

After camp, the group of American volunteers headed to visit the orphanage, Mother Teresa. They spent a couple of hours there, holding babies and playing with kids. It was very impactful and hard from them to see the conditions those kids live in daily.

We can’t believe that Kids Camp is coming to a close in two short days! Continue to be praying for these kid’s and that seeds will be planted deep within their hearts to know Christ more.

In Him,

The Interns