Ebola Outbreak

In the past week I have received quite a few emails from individuals asking about the Ebola virus and if it is affecting Arise Africa.  We currently (Thank the Lord) are nowhere near the Ebola outbreak.  In fact, from what I have heard it isn't being discussed much in Zambia mainly because most people don't know it is going on in Western Africa due to no news and lack of communication. 

Our staff however does and Arise Africa is watching the outbreak very very closely. 

Here is a map to help you understand where the outbreak is compared to where Zambia is:

Although we currently are not in harms way it hurts us so much to see this outbreak happening. And it is scary enough even as far away as it is!  It hits close to home for us in that the community of Americans serving in Africa is close knit and we know and have ties to both US aid workers who have contracted the disease while working to help stop the spreading. You can read more about them here.

We ask you to join us in praying very hard for this disease to be stopped and controlled.  Pray for the countries in direct warfare with Ebola right now.  Pray hard for there to be supplies and clinics to not be overwhelmed.  Pray for the people of that country to become educated as fast as possible in understanding how this is spread and the precautions that need to take place.  Pray for Dr. Brantley and Nancy Writebol to recover and for their families right now during this difficult time.  Pray for the aid organizations who are trying to evacuate their missionaries and aid workers before they are affected.   (Samaratians Purse, Serving In Mission, etc...)  Pray for those who have Ebola and are in isolation that they feel comfort from the Lord. 

We will continue to monitor Ebola in West Africa and try to be as ready as possible if it were to spread towards Zambia.

I can't imagine if this were happening in Zambia right now what we would be doing.  I know we would be in trouble and I ask you to pray for all the aid organizations and people who are trying to help in these affected countries.  They need our prayers right now! 

 In Him,