Sweet Mary

We are so excited to be welcoming Mary Maleka into the Arise Home!  We have known Mary for years through our child sponsorship program and have enjoyed watching her grow up.  She is in the 4th grade and is 11 years old.

This past year we noticed that Mary was starting to struggle with many physical issues.  Both of Mary's parents are not around and she lives with her grandmother.  Her mother passed away years ago and Mary has never known her father.  When we approached the grandmother about these problems she was hesitant to be fully honest at first.  We weren't surprised by this because unfortunately many people don't realize that there can be things to be done and Arise Africa does not run away when a child starts to have major medical needs.  We later learned from the grandmother she was concerned we would stop our sponsorship and help of Mary if a problem was discovered that was "too much" for us.

Through some weeks of hospital visits and testing we were all sad to find out that Mary suffers from sickle cell anemia.  We also were happy to have a diagnosis because we could start to try to help Mary and know what is best for her.  We knew how to pray for Mary and help the grandmother.

In the past year Mary has spent alot of time in and out of the hospital.  We have dealt with multiple blood transfusions and other treatments. She got the mumps at one point and it was scary, we thought we might lose her. Her care is major but her sponsor in America, Michael has been incredible in assisting us and supporting Mary.  He emails us all the time asking how they can pray and wants to know the latest.  It has been a very sweet blessing to see.

Unfortunately Mary's care that is needed is too much for her grandmother.  It is very hard on her.  Doctors are suggesting very strict diets that require many foods that are healthy and not able to be prepared properly in a compound.  They are costly too.  Mary needs to be kept clean and not be around diseases as much as possible.   

After having long discussions, prayers, and talks with our staff we decided to ask the grandmother if she wanted the option of having Mary move into the Arise Home.  Our country director, Monica visited their home and without hesitation the grandmother jumped on the suggestion.  She said she stayed up at night worried about Mary's health and what would happen to her if the grandmother were to pass away.  The grandmother mentioned that when Mary feels bad it is scary for her because she knows at times she needs to be rushed to the emergency room and they don't have money for a taxi or bus.  There was a major burden on the grandmother that was difficult for her.  

We explained we still needed the grandmother to help Mary.  We need her to encourage her and visit her as often as possible.  We need her to help us sit with Mary in the hospital and clinic visits as those happen.  We need her in Mary's life.  The grandmother agreed and was happy about the care and opportunity Mary would receive.

Mary is moving into the home in the next few weeks.  This means we need to get ready to care for Mary.   We are looking for individuals to help sponsor Mary monthly.  It is going to cost Arise Africa about $700 a month to care for her.  We currently have her sponsored for $300 a month and need $400 more in funding.  This covers everything for her. She will be going to a nice new private school.  We need to purchase uniforms and pay tuition and school bus fees.  We will pay for all her meals and medicines and clinic visits with the monthly support.  She will have a great house to live in and be loved by so many!

Would you consider being on "Team Mary"?  We are asking for anyone interested to help support her at $50 a month or more.  You will receive bi monthly updates on Mary.   You will have the opportunity to write her throughout the year as well as get letters back.  You will become a part of the Arise Home sponsors and see all their Christmas activities and other adventures we take them on.  

Most importantly you will be helping Arise Africa care for Mary in the way the Lord desires for her to be cared for.  We are so passionate about these children and know that the sick ones are up against alot in Zambia.  Mary needs help, and Mary deserves the best shot at life we can give her. 

If you wish to learn more about Mary and the Arise Home please look on our website or email Alissa.  If you wish to sign up to help Mary Monthly please click on the button below to fill out our donation form for the Arise Home and put her name in the sponsored child's box.


Thank you and God Bless!

- Alissa