Throughout these past few months we have been working closely with the Zambian government to help a little girl by the name of Christine.

Christine is an Zambian child who is an albino.  She is about 5 years old and is currently in custody of the government. 

Being an albino is Africa is very difficult.  As you can imagine the stigma attached to an individual with this disorder is hard.  But the real threat is witch doctors.  Many of them believe that an albino's body parts are more sacred for sacrifice.  As brutal as this is, individuals can become targets for the witch doctors.  Albinos are considered a "lesser class" and are sometimes not treated well.  This is another terrible reality that they face.

Christine's father died years ago and her mother did not want her because of her albinism.  She went to live with a grandmother who is now in prison and on trial for child abuse to Christine.  Let me be very clear, to be on trial in Zambia for child abuse means you were awful to them. 

Christine has been abused by adults who her grandmother let near her.  She was locked in a home for days alone and left to fend for herself as her grandmother left for a remote village with no plans to return. 

Luckily she was found and taken into custody of social welfare.  Christine has currently been at an orphanage run by catholic nuns and protected there.  If you are confused by the photos we have posted above that is because when we first visited Christine she hadn't had the "makeover" that the nuns now have given her.  The top right photo is of Christine before the makeover.  Then they decided to dye her hair and eyebrows and the next time we went to visit we were a bit taken aback at the change!  (note to self: don't let African nuns give you a makeover!)

The orphanage is for babies and small children.  Given her age it is time for her to find a new home.  We are so excited that social welfare has asked us to take her into full time custody to live in the Arise Home!!

We are looking for sponsors to be on "Team Christine."  We hope she can move into the home in the next few weeks.  This means we need to get ready to care for her.   We are looking for individuals to help sponsor Christine monthly.  It is going to cost Arise Africa about $650 a month to care for her.   This covers everything for her. She will be going to a nice new private school.  We need to purchase uniforms and pay tuition and school bus fees.  We will pay for all her meals and medicines and clinic visits with the monthly support.  She will have a great house to live in and be loved by so many!

Would you consider being on "Team Christine"?  We are asking for anyone interested to help support her at $50 a month or more.  You will receive bi monthly updates on her.   You will have the opportunity to write her throughout the year as well as get letters back.  You will become a part of the Arise Home sponsors and see all their Christmas activities and other adventures we take them on.  

Most importantly you will be helping Arise Africa care for Christine in the way the Lord desires for her to be cared for.  We are so passionate about these children and know that the vulnerable ones are in a tough spot in Zambia.  Christine needs help, and she deserves the best shot at life we can give her.

If you wish to learn more about Christine and the Arise Home please look on our website or email Alissa.  If you wish to sign up to help Christine Monthly please click on the button below to fill out our donation form for the Arise Home and put her name in the sponsored child's box.