Arise Christian School

We are very excited to be partnering with Kershaws Challenge to build our own school! We will be calling the school, Arise Christian School. Our children currently in sponsorship at Grace school will be the ones attending Arise Christian School in September.

In April, we purchased the land! The contract was contingent on finding water. After drilling time and time again, we still had no water. A few weeks ago, we took the group from Park City Presbyterian Church (PCPC) to see the new property. Several of the students decided to walk with us. As we walked, they told us how excited they were for the new school with bright smiles on their faces. When we asked the kids what they would like to have at the new school we got lots of answers from a library full of books to a running track, a playground, and even a swimming pool. Keep dreaming big, buddy! 

We circled around on the property and prayed over the new school and asked the Lord to provide water.

Within hours of that gathering, we received a call that they hit water! We are grateful for His constant provision! Here is our new water tank.

Construction of the new school will begin January of 2017. The land we’ve purchased has a house on the property with enough room for all 8 grades. We will begin school in September out of this house. Today we visited the property and began preparing for rooms to become classrooms.

Our child sponsorship officers are ready for a fresh start! Here are some pictures of the new property.

At the top of the hill, there is an old chicken coop. The plan is to use the foundation from the coop to build Arise Christian School there. Here is where we hope to build the new school soon!

As we were moving things into the new school, I asked our child sponsorship officers what they were looking forward to most. Dai and Lucy both said they loved the location. It's in Ngombe compound where all the kids live, so it's still convenient for kids to walk to school. It's also quiet and secluded; the school is away from all the distracting chaos that comes from being in a compound. This is a positive aspect for the kids as it will help them to concentrate in class. Dai says she thinks the new environment will bring about new learning experiences.

Sammy Joe is most looking forward to seeing the kids faces when they show up for the first day of school on September 5th. The new place is more spacious and the kids are going to be very excited when they see all the room they have to run around in.

Solomon said the extra space is a plus because there will be lots of room to play games and sports that the students haven't had before. He is also looking forward to working at a school that is run by Arise because making decisions and putting them into action will be a quicker and smoother process. We can provide the kids with a better education when we have a little more control over how the school is run. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue our partnership with Fidelis, who will be our headmaster at Arise Christian School. Fidelis has a great vision and the skills to provide high quality education to our kids in the community, but has been lacking the necessary resources until now. Here is the whole group of excited CSO's (plus Fidelis) in front of our new (temporary) school building .

Please be in prayer that the Lord would provide everything we need to begin classes in September. At this point, we are in need of chairs, desks, and other classroom materials. Everything we are able to purchase now will be transferred to the new school when it's finished. If you would like to help us in our efforts to stock our classrooms and provide our students with the best learning environment possible, you can donate to our school supply fund.

God Bless,