Investing in People

This Post was written by Megan Bloemker, a Zambia country director.  

The definition of investing is the act of committing money or capital to an endeavor with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or profit.  Living in Zambia, I look at investment in a totally different way…I look at investing in people.

Today, I had a rather large dividend on my investment pay out.  You see, I met a boy by the name of Grandson (or G as I call him) almost 11 years ago… he is the one in the grey t-shirt on the far right.  The photo was taken right around the time that I met him, the date of my initial investment. 

little G.png

He started out like a little brother and quickly became more like a son to me.  He got to know my family and spent every waking moment with us when my sister or parents came to Zambia. (here he is pictured with my sister, her husband and their kids on their first visit to Zambia)

Grandson became part of our world.  We helped him through high school and through Bible College and today, we sent him off to Africa University in Zimbabwe on a full scholarship through Arise Africa's partnership with Highland Park United Methodist Church.  What a return on my investment.  This is worth more to me than any bank account or any financial gain.  To see a kid come from almost nothing, to see heading to university is a dream come true!

Not only did my family believe in him, but Arise Africa believed in him as well and invested in him.  Grandson was our second Africa University Scholarship recipient. 

He has worked so hard to live a life for the Lord and does not take for granted the opportunity put before him. 

Our prayer is that he would return to Zambia and help lead this nation and make a difference in this world.  I am so proud of him and so proud that I get to work for an organization that took this little investment of mine and helped it grow! 

To everyone who took time to encourage, tutor and financially invest in this kid from the bush in Lusaka West, I thank you! 

The journey is far from over, but your prayers are coveted as Grandson and the rest of our crew left for university today!

If you haven’t yet, consider partnering with Arise Africa and invest in a child in Zambia through our sponsorship program.  Changing lives is the best investment you could ever make.

Megan Bloemker

Country Director

Arise Africa's scholarship students, (L to R) Joseph, Natasha, David, and Grandson.