Inside David's AU Experience


Arise Africa met David because his mother is a teacher at one of the community schools we partner with. After seeing David's ambition and drive in school, Arise Africa chose him as one of four scholarship recipients to attend Africa University from 2016 to 2020. David hopes to be an aeronautical engineer and software programmer. He hopes to support a number of children through school one day just as he is being supported. In 2015, before leaving for Universtiy, David interned with the Arise Africa Child Sponsorship Officers in Matero. His work ethic and love for The Lord makes us very excited to see what his future holds.

My time at Africa University has been great so far. I have grown mentality, spiritually and emotionally. Not only that, my time here has also exposed me to a number of things. If I had to describe my experience with one word, it would be expanded. Here are five things that I have learned while going to school at Africa University:

1.    University has taught me about work ethic. I have learned that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and give one values to strengthen his or her personal character. I have developed a strong character when it comes to perfecting my skills in my major, Computer Information Systems. I used to sit idle during my free time and do nothing at all. Now, after learning how to have a strong work ethic, I choose to utilize my time efficiently by doing what will contribute to the development of my craft. Even in my free time, I would rather do some website development, app development or research, than just sitting idle. Work ethic has taught me to invest in my time and not waste it.


2.    Secondly, I have learned a lot about self-discipline. University is a place full of interesting, fun activities. For example, there are a lot games to play, outing activities, and school social events. These activities can be good for your social life but too much of anything is bad. No one will tell you not to go to a social event and to study instead; it’s a matter of self-discipline to properly manage your time. Self-discipline has enable me to stay focused and not be easily distracted by social events when I have work to do. Apart from academic progress, self-discipline has taught me to keep my eyes open on spending. What I mean is that before spending your money, budget for it, and do not spend money on unnecessary things. University has taught me many aspects of self-discipline.

3.    Furthermore, University has taught me to ask for support when am stuck. I have come to learn that many things we go through or experience, either academically or socially, other individuals have gone through them as well, so why not ask when you are stuck? With my study of Computer Information Systems, knowing that there are individuals who are head of me brings me comfort. When it comes to school work I can ask for help because other students have gone before me.

4.    University has taught me to approach my work by always doing my best. What matters is not getting the work done but doing the best you can. When am at school, I look to see how I can study best, how I can best do my assignments, and the best way I can prepare for my exams. University has taught me how to do my work efficiently and effectively. Doing work in the way that works best for you is more efficient and effective and far less stressful.


5.    Lastly, I have learned that to be successful, it is important to surround yourself with people of positive thinking, people of better thinking than your own, and people who have the same goal. Universities like Africa University have a very diverse population of students. It’s up to the individual to choose which group to hang out with. Having a circle of optimistic people as friends is something that I have learned that is very important. In any journey, you are going to get tired, fall weak, and want to give up. Having a circle of positive people motivates you to keep going when you are tired, strengthen you when you feel weak, and give you reasons not to give up. The environment that one surrounds him or herself with determines their success.

My time at Africa University could have not been possible without God. God has helped me grow spiritually and emotionally. Growing spiritually on campus has been made possible through bible studies and prayer groups that my friends and I have being attending. I have seen God’s hand in my growth. Emotionally, I have learned to handle issues in a mature manner. I never used to handle issues properly but now things are different. I thank God for that. Growth is a daily thing and each day that comes, I get to grow and learn more and more.


Arise Team