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Jerome Nkata

Taonga School: 5 years old, Baby Class

Jerome is the last born child in his family. He has many children in his family because he lives around all of his cousins as well as siblings. He stays with his grandmother in Ibex Hill. His parents are in Mtendere, another compound just a few miles away. He chose to be with his grandparents because they are closer to school. His reason though was quiet funny, he says this school looks like more fun than any other! Jerome has a great sense of humor. He likes to tell jokes with his cousins at home and at school. He also likes to play with toy cars. Jerome’s favorite things are, Shawarma (a wrap) for food, Pineapple for fruit and orange for color. After his education, Jerome wants to be a pilot. 

Brave’s favorite activity in class is playing with different toys with his friends. He enjoys dancing and singing with other children during Bible club. Brave enjoys having lunch with his sister Judith.

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