Maureen Simuchinga

Taonga School 14 years Grade 3

Maureen lives in Mtendere east with her Aunt and her Uncle. She is the 2nd born in a family of 8. Maureen is an outspoken young girl with a passion for helping others. She enjoys helping and always insists on cleaning plates after lunch at school. At home, she is the same way. Her cousin Charles, testified that she prefers to do all the house chores as she is listening to music. Maureen is eager to learn and prefers being at school rather than just staying at home. Maureen never use to go to school when she was taken from the village by her aunt. When she is in class, Maureen likes to write and learn English. Her favorite things are: banana for fruit, nshima with okra for food, and watching TV. During her free time, she likes to play with her friends. Maureen wants to be a teacher when she completes her education.

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