Sponsor Irené Masabarakiza!

Irené is a recent high school graduate from Zambia and his family has been dear friends of Arise for years. We are so excited to share that Irené has been accepted to attend Texas A&M! Due to high tuition costs and the transition to America, we feel it best he begin his first year of college nearby at the (Dallas) El Centro Texas A&M Chevron Academy of Engineering. This program is through A&M and he is taught by Aggie professors. After a year, (grades permitting) he will transition to College Station. It is exciting to send Irené to the States for college, but we need your help to do it! Please consider sponsoring Irené for $50 a month or more to help pay for his college tuition and schooling expenses in America.

Irené was born in a refugee camp in northern Zambia called Meheba. His father, Emile, is a Reverend at a church that many Arise Africa Staff attends, and his mother, Florence, is a teacher at Arise Christian School. He has two younger sisters, Joy and Lydia.

Irené’s parents are from Burundi. They are both survivors of the country’s devastating civil war which lead to the 1993 Burundian genocide. Each lost family members through the conflict and constant solider evasions. They both fled the country and sought refuge in Tanzania. His parents first met while in the refugee camp together. Rumors began to spread that the Tanzanian government was sending refugees back to Burundi even though the conflict in the country was still going on. Irené’s parents did not want to take the risk so together they decided to move to Zambia. Lead by faith, they settled in Lusaka and was offered sponsorship to attend Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia. Here, a missionary from America offered Emile (Irene’s dad) the opportunity to further is studies in the United States. Irené, now 6 years old, moved with his family to America for 4 years until his parents’ decided to move back to Zambia to serve Africa.

Irené is a great student and did very well in school. He kept busy in high school, serving as the basketball team captain, marketing club president, and he started a music and arts club. He also participated in drama club and partly wrote and acted in the 9th grade play! Irené graduated high school in December 2017 number one in his class and has since spent his time working, serving at church, and helping his parents look after his sisters. He has volunteered with Arise. He is passionate about music and even taught himself to play drums and piano. He uses this passion to serve on his church’s worship team and has been serving since he was 10. He loves making electronic music in his free time.

Irené wants to be a computer engineer or scientist. He’s fascinated by computer technology and wants to learn how it all works. He wants to one day own his own company that focuses on capitalizing on new engineering capabilities to help develop not only his home, but Africa as a whole.

Arise Africa has known Irené and his family for nearly 7 years. Despite his parent’s difficult past, their faith in the Lord remained and has given them an incredible heart to serve the community. Irené has grown to be a hard working, humble leader . We are so excited he will have the opportunity to receive a college education in America and excited of how it will enable him to serve the Lord in a great way!

Irené with his parents, Emile and Florence, and two sisters, Joy and Lydia.

Irené with his parents, Emile and Florence, and two sisters, Joy and Lydia.

Not only does sponsoring Irené help financially but also offers emotional support through the stress of college and being away from home! We want you to build a relationship with Irene if you want to! If you chose to help Irené, we will provide updates about his schooling as well as opportunities to communicate with him and hang out!

Please consider sponsoring Irené for $50 a month and help pay for his education and schooling in the America.