Let the Child Choose You

Don’t know which child to sponsor? Let a child choose you!

Many children wait for sponsors to choose them. We want to empower them to choose their own sponsor! To sign up to be chosen please fill out the form below. Your photo and information will be shown to the children. After that, we will notify you around the end of March with what child chose you to sponsor them! We are so excited about this new option in our sponsorship program that allows our children the opportunity of empowerment!

( The children can be sponsored at $50/month or $600/year.)

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How a Child Chooses Their Sponsor

Information Form

To get the process started all you have to do is submit a photo and answer some basic questions about yourself. This includes what your favorite hobbies are, your job, and of course your name. Just little facts that will help our children best choose who they would like to sponsor them!

The Form and Photo Get Sent to Zambia

The next step is us sending your form over to our children in Zambia. Once they have read all of your information, they will choose who they want their sponsor to be.

We’ll Introduce You to Who You Are Sponsoring

When a child has chosen you to be their sponsor, we will contact you with all the information you need to know regarding sponsorship, and your recurring payments will start. You will be mailed a welcome packet that includes a bio card of your child with a photograph!

Grow Your Relationship

Every three months you’ll get a report on how they are doing and exchange letters twice a year. There is also an opportunity to send a Christmas Swag Bag to celebrate them during the holiday season. Our hope is that your relationship with your child will grow, and together you will become someone important in both of your lives!

About Sponsorship

When you become a sponsor, you are joining a growing community that is devoted to providing vulnerable children a thriving, Christ-centered life.

Your role as a sponsor goes beyond a commitment to provide financial support but being a consistent prayer warrior and encouragement for your student. Your relationship with your sponsor child is a significant aspect of their success in our sponsorship program. Sponsors are standing with family, friends, teachers, and our staff, who are taking an active role in encouraging and leading each child. We believe it takes a village!

As a sponsor you will receive a report on your child every 3 months. Reports are written by your student’s Child Sponsorship Officer and includes a community and student update, a short letter, and prayer requests form your child. Sponsors also receive the opportunity to write to their child 2-3 times a year!

Your Sponsorship Provides:

School fees paid for

Hot nutritious daily meal


Additional Funds Go To:

School supplies as needed

Clothing as needed

Clinic visits as needed

Sponsor Testimonials

Miracle + Kendall

“These children are a part of an organization that loves and cares for them immensely. While I was able to see the impact I am having on Miracle, I want others to see the impact that Miracle has left on me. This boy is special, this organization is special, and I will forever thank the Lord for bringing him into my life and for bringing me to Zambia.”

Blessed + Tammy

“My relationship with Arise and Blessed started five years ago when he was just 6 years old. I have communicated with Blessed through pictures, swag bags, and letters. It is always such a treat to see what he has to say, see his drawings, and pray for him and his family. Through these letters I have grown to cherish our relationship. I have sponsored several children, in my sixty short years, but have never had the opportunity to go to visit the child and his family. From the first minute I saw him I felt a connection!”

Chandler + Maggie

“Sponsoring Maggie has allowed me to know the gospel more fully and more tangibly. Maggie is joyful, eager to learn, fearless, and her laugh is simply contagious! Her friendship is one I will cherish forever, and it pushes me closer and closer to Jesus. I’ve learned a lot through sponsorship, however, the biggest lesson is to always love like Jesus: wholeheartedly and unconditionally.”

Sponsorship FAQs

What is expected of me as a sponsor?

You are expected to honor your financial commitment, whether monthly or annually, and encourage and pray for your student! Our children pray for their sponsors, and we believe it is equally important for sponsors to pray for their child. You are also expected to actively engage in communicating with your child through letter writing.

Can I send gifts to my sponsor child?

You will have the opportunity to assemble a personal Christmas Swag Bag with toys and other fun items for your student once a year. More information on this opportunity will be given later. However, this is the only time we allow sponsors to send a gift to their child.

How do I find out more about my sponsor child’s story?

If you read something about your sponsor child in a letter or report that you would like to know more about, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns. We want every student-sponsorship relationship to be as personal as possible.

How do I change/update my payment information?

We use strict parameters to protect your credit card information, using a fully secure third-party processor, SAGE Payment solutions, and are unable to see or access your full card information. We are unable to take your credit card information over the telephone and do not recommend sending in a photo of your credit card. To avoid having to update your credit card information, we currently are suggesting donors to use their checking account withdrawal (EFT option online). The most secure way to update your credit card information is in your donor account through our website.

Here are the following steps to take if you need to change your credit card information:

1. Login to your donor account by scrolling to the bottom of our website and clicking “Donor Login” under the Resources header. If you have never logged into your donor account, click “Sign Up Now!” to create an account and password using your relevant email.

2. Once you have logged in, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the header “Recurring Gifts” then select “edit” on your current card’s recurring donation. Once you have input your new payment information select “save” to start your recurring donation again!

3. Always add a new payment method before deleting an old payment method. If you are deleting an old payment method and a text box pops up, please switch the recurring gifts to your new payment method and click “Replace”. If you click “Continue and Deactivate the Recurring Gifts” your recurring gifts will be canceled. 

If you run into any issues, please feel free to email our Director of Sponsorship at jack@ariseafrica.org.

How long will my sponsorship last?

Your Arise sponsorship will last the duration of your child’s educational career, or until you say otherwise. Many of our students aspire to continue their education through college or trade school. We believe walking with a child every step of the way to independence paves the way to their thriving future and sustainable growth in Zambia.

Can I visit my sponsor child?

YES! In fact, we encourage it! We offer trips to Zambia throughout the year and sponsors are able to meet their child, visit their home, and interact with their family. This allows you to see firsthand the impact of your support and the community your child lives in. For more information visit www.ariseafrica.org/missiontrips.

Will my sponsorship be cancelled if I miss a payment?

No, your sponsorship will not be immediately canceled. You will receive an automated email with detailed steps on how to update your payment method through your online sponsor portal. We expect sponsors to cover any missed payments.

Where Are They Now?

Taonga Mpara

Arise has seen Taonga grown and learn in our sponsorship program since 2013 when she was just 13 years old. She graduated from high school and started her college journey at Lusaka Business and Technical College studying Food Production and Management. Taonga is patient, focused, and so faithful. She can’t wait to graduate and one day own her own restaurant. She is thankful for this opportunity and believe it would not have been possible without the help of her sponsors.

Nyarai Gwatizo

Nyarai has been a part of Arise’s sponsorship program for over 9 years, finding support through grade school and continuing into her college career. She will soon graduate from the Lusaka Business Technical College where she is studying General Hospitality. She is hopeful her education will help her find her dream job! She is grateful for this opportunity to continue her education and says if not for this sponsorship, she has no idea where or what she would have been today.

Vainess Matipa

Vainess has been a part of Arise since 2011 when she started the 4th grade. She has always understood the value of education, showing so much determination and focus in school. She began working with our career counselor to figure out options for her future. She shared her dream of going to school to study pharmacy! After much anticipation, Vainess is attending one of the best medical schools in Zambia, Apex University! She was nervous to leave her family and board at school, but has placed all her worries and concerns in God, knowing he will make a way for her family.

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