Molly Bucknam

Sponsorship Director

Molly first heard of Arise Africa while volunteering with a college ministry her freshman year at Texas Christian University. It didn’t take long before she was on a plane to Zambia to serve as a summer intern. She could see God moving in Zambia and wanted to be part of the work He was doing there through Arise. Before officially joining the team full-time, Molly spent two years as an intern in the USA head office. After graduating from college with degrees in Economics and Youth Advocacy, Molly joined the Arise Africa team as Sponsorship Director. She strives to make every sponsorship experience as personal as possible by connecting donors to children 8,000 miles away through photos, videos, and reports. One of Molly’s favorite aspects of her role is taking frequent trips to Zambia. Spending time with the children in our programs and our staff leaves her feeling encouraged to empower others to be a part of these children’s lives. This motivates her back in the States to never stop planning, preparing, and organizing every new initiative for the good of the children. Just ask her about her spreadsheets or label maker!

If you know Molly you’ve probably been invited to a game night or hung out at a local coffee shop.

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