Webster Mwete

Headmaster at Arise Christian School

From the desk of Headmaster Webster Mwete:

My name is Webster Mwete. I am a father of two and a trained and passionate teacher. I have been in education for slightly over 15 years, most of which in an administration position. Ten of these years have been spent in institutions that look after and educate orphans and vulnerable kids in our country. I relate well with such kids because my background isn’t different from theirs. In the book of James we are told that true religion is looking after the vulnerable of our society. Arise Africa has given me a platform to exercise my faith at the same time I get to do what I love - seeing lives of vulnerable kids transformed.

Education is the greatest investment ever. The favorite part of my job is seeing change in the kids. If a child comes to school with no knowledge of reading or speaking English, seeing them changing, learning good morals and expressing themselves in English is what brings satisfaction to me.

Furthermore, I believe education is the greatest equalizer. It’s the only thing that would make the one vulnerable child sit at the same dining table as royalties.

Mr. Mwete is married with two kids. He enjoys singing and is a part of a group called Remnant Chords. They sing, make CD’s, and have concerts, with proceeds helping children. He also loves fishing, swimming, and adventures!

Mr. Mwete has a true heart to encourage kids and impact lives. He takes time and care to invests in the staff, teachers, and vulnerable students. We are so thankful for Mr. Mwete’s passion for the Lord and commitment to the children of Zambia.

For $50 a month you will help pay for Mr. Mwete’s salary. As Mr. Mwete’s Sponsor you will:

Receive Updates: Bimonthly reports from Mr. Mwete about the work he is doing, and any updates on the school.

Send Letters: We would love for you to write Mr. Mwete! You’ll have the opportunity to send him letters of encouragement a minimum of twice a year.


Mr. Mwete is the headmaster (principal) at Arise Christian School. Our biggest priority is providing our students with not simply an education, but a quality education. This means, we need quality educators and administrators to lead our students, which can be costly. We have found a great quality leader in Mr. Mwete. His salary is much higher than the Child Sponsorship Program can afford, yet he has accepted a pay cut working with us because he is committed to helping the vulnerable children in the community. His role at ACS is so valuable to the students’ success and we believe he has been worth the investment. Help us pay Headmaster Webster Mwete a salary he greatly deserves.

Please consider sponsoring Headmaster Webster Mwete for $50 a month and not only help pay for his salary, but provide encouragement for his amazing work at ACS.