Violet was born on June 2, 2002 in a small village in Zambia called Ntambala. She is the first born in a family and has four other siblings, 3 sisters and a brother. She remembers her early childhood as fun and happy. She spent most of her time playing but also remembers helping out with sweeping and helping with other chores. She was never enrolled in school because of a lack of funding and schooling in the village. Her parents divorced when she was 12 and quickly remarried other people. At this time, she was sent to live with her uncle and aunt in the large city of Zambia, Lusaka where her mother hoped she would be able to get an education. Her other siblings are spread out in various parts of Lusaka and other parts of Zambia. Her mother would come visit her in Lusaka and when she could not, she would call. Violet began school in Lusaka when she was ten years old when her uncle enrolled her. Unfortunately, her uncle soon lost his job and a friend suggested he enroll her in a school that Arise Africa runs. This way she could be cared for through sponsorship and stay in school for good.

Violet was enrolled in Arise Africa’s Child Sponsorship Program in 2014 and has been with us ever since! In 2018 Violet, very bravely, disclosed to Arise Africa staff that some things were happening in her home that were not healthy and harmful for her and her cousin, Margaret, to be living in. With the help of the government (social welfare), Arise Africa quickly moved Violet and Margaret into the Arise Homes where they live today in full time care.  

Violet now goes to a private school, Pestalozzi where all Arise Africa children in full time care attend. She is in 8th grade. She has lived in the girls home since March 2018 and has made huge strides in her life.  She is happy, safe, and loved. Having Violet in the home has allowed her to “come out” of her shell. The Violet we first met, and the Violet we know now are very different! Violet is a fun, goofy, and jovial person. She loves to chat with her sisters and brothers in the home. Her favorite things to do are watch movies and listen to music in her free time. She has loved the soccer league she participates in and enjoys the church youth group.  She likes to help out with chores in the girls home. Her favorite chore is still sweeping. Her favorite color is red. She has no favorite food. She is not picky and actually eats any kind of food. Her favorite subject is science. When she completes school, she wants to be a doctor.

NOTE:  For protection and privacy reasons Arise Africa will not disclose Violet’s full story online.  However, if you choose to sponsor Violet Arise will inform you of some more details.