Taonga School

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About Taonga School

In 2015, Arise Africa began its partnership with Taonga School, started by Teacher Abi Brown in 2011. Originally from England, Abi came to Lusaka in 2009 to teach with Old MacDonald’s Farm, an organization that helps boys living on the street. She began tutoring the boys, and more and more children began showing up at their front gate.

Today, what’s now known as Taonga School has five grades with more than 185 students. Unfortunately, the school grounds only are able to accommodate up until the fourth grade, so students have been willing to repeat the fourth grade, just so they don’t have to leave Teacher Abi. With that in mind, Arise currently educates two classes in a nearby home and shipping container while working hard to build an upper school. Due to limited space, the school is currently unable to expand in this area; however, we are in the process to solve this situation through the building of the MacDonald Brown School.

Through the generosity of amazing donors, the land has been purchased for MacDonald Brown School and, with your help, we’re ready to start phase two of the building process. Lusaka runs on a year-round school schedule, which means each year more and more graduating students will soon be without classrooms. Help us make MacDonald Brown School a reality by partnering with us to build a new school for grades 5-12.

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