5 Lessons from Grandson

Our Arise Africa staff has known Grandson since 2005 when he was 10 years old.  Grandson is the oldest of eight children.  His father has a job that pays very little and he can’t afford to feed his family.  Grandson is now in his 20’s and our staff member Megan, paid for his schooling throughout his life.  Grandson finished high school and then went to a two year Bible College in Zambia.  After graduating from Bible College, Grandson qualified for a scholarship to a 4 year university with Arise Africa.  In August 2016, Grandson started attending Africa University in Zimbabwe. He has learned a lot during his time there and wrote a few words about it! 

I am grateful to God for the opportunity to attend college. I have seen God’s hand over my life over these two years of college. I can see a better future and all the great promises God has in stored for me. College life has taught me a lot of things, and the various experiences have helped shape me to be the man I am today. The five things I have learned in college include the following.

1. I have discovered what I am good at and what I can contribute to the community. College has helped me discover skills that I can use to help society and better myself. Some examples may include community development, child development, and policy implementation skills. I come from a community that is socially excluded and lacks substantial development. Therefore, it’s hard for the members of the community to easily survive. With the knowledge I have acquired, I will be able to contribute and improve its future growth.

2. I have learned to see beyond impossibilities and believe in my ability to achieve big things. Before college, I used to be an average student and thought good grades where for a certain class of people. College has helped me look beyond what I consider impossible to achieve. Now, I challenge myself and  take charge of my life and achievements.

3. I have learned to take ownership of who I am and of the consequences of my actions. I have become more confident in myself and improved my self-esteem. I am happy and love the person I am.

4. College has taught me the importance of team work. Through meetings and working with different types of people, I have come to appreciate the power of team work. There’s a greater chance of success when working with people rather than alone. Through college life, I have learned that you either learn from others or others learn from you. With the help of team work, I have learned how to communicate effectively. I have also become more courageous when speaking my mind and giving my perspective, without the fear of being criticized. Lastly, I have leaned to respect others and be considerate of people’s efforts, as well as being the source of encouragement to the team.

Grandson with a few friends from Africa University

5. College has taught me to have a servant heart. My source of encouragement to learn comes from the desire of wanting to contribute to the world positively and make the world a better place. I believe a better world starts with me leading by example to my neighbor through serving and giving a helping hand.

My experience in college has not been easy. The process of learning and adjusting to the environment has required great effort from me. With God’s help I managed to adjust and have really seen the grace and hand of God over my studies and life. Through this process of learning, God has taught me two very significant lessons:

1. God has taught me how to be patient with myself and others. College requires working with others. For example, during group presentations individuals have different personalities which requires me to be understanding and patient with others, in order to work effectively with them. When I relied on God, it was much easier to do. I have to be patient with myself in terms of understanding. Instead of expecting fast results, I have to slowly concentrate and focus on my studies to understand concepts and earn grades I am proud of.

2. God has helped me grow in faith and endurance. Before college, I wasn’t sure of what was in store for me and what to really expect of my future. Through college, I have been able to have faith in God and his great master plan for my life. His taught me to trust Him and learn to endure circumstances. The opportunity to attend college is a way of God showing me his great plan for me.

I have learned so many things in the past two academic years and am so eager to find out what’s installed for me in the academic years to come. I am ready to focus on my school work and give it my best. I am grateful to Arise Africa for sponsoring me. I believe they are a vessel God is using to help me grow and achieve his plans for me. I don’t intend to take this opportunity for granted and am willing to put in all I have to stay and finish college well.

– Grandson

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