Sponsor An Arise Home Child

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Nelly and Alliness

Arise Homes Sponsorship

By sponsoring a child in our Arise Homes, you’re providing a space where they can be safe, fed, and cared for at all times. When a child of any age shows up at our door, we show them the love of Jesus Christ and empower them to become responsible, independent, and thriving individuals.

Our children in the Arise Homes have sometimes lost one or both of their parents and have often endured significant physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma. Some of our children may have living parents, but due to difficult situations, they are not able to care for them.

Your sponsorship provides the love, education, and medical support they need to lead fulfilling lives.

How Your Funds Help

It’s essential that each of our children receives a high-quality education. Each child’s team of sponsors helps pay for school fees, books & supplies, and tutoring—as well as food, housing costs, and clothing. Additionally, many of our children need counseling and medical care, and their sponsors allow us to quickly respond to any needs they may have.

We currently have two House Moms and two House Dads who are instrumental in our children’s lives, particularly in their discipleship. Your Sponsorship helps pay their salaries so they can continue to pour into our children’s’ lives.

Lastly, we want our children to have a fun and fulfilling life within their culture, church, and community. Your sponsorship provides family outings, funds church camps, and enables them to participate in all sorts of activities!

Arise Home Children Currently Needing Sponsorship

The following children are available for sponsorship starting at $50/month. Each child has a team of sponsors who support all of their needs, from living expenses to education.

As a sponsor, you’ll receive regular updates about your child, including bi-monthly reports & photos from house parents, letters from your child, and updates from our Director of Sponsorship.

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