The Spaces That Power Our Mission

About Our Facilities

In both the United States and Zambia, we take great pride in our offices, schools, and complex. In quality and functionality, they set apart Arise Africa in a significant way.

These facilities couldn’t exist without the generous support of our numerous donors and dedicated volunteers. Large or small, every space serves as a blessing and a direct impact on the success of our mission.

Zambia Head Office

The Zambia Head Office, also referred to as the Complex, is where our Zambian headquarters are located, as well as lodging for our mission trips. In 2015, Arise felt the need for more office space, warehouse storage, and a safe area for our vehicles to be parked at night. The complex was built to accommodate all of these needs as well as housing for our mission trips.

Arise was very careful to build the complex economically—while the space was needed, we wanted to conserve donations so they could be used directly for our children. We decided to build the complex out of shipping containers, which reduced the build costs and provided income for local craftsmen in the community. Plus, through a rental program, we’re able to house other aid organizations and produce income for Arise Africa when our own mission trips are not on the ground.

About Our Complex:

Made up of 12 shipping containers

Can sleep up to 33 people

It saves Arise Africa $40,000 annually

Employs two local Zambians full-time

USA Head Office

Our home office in America is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Through the generosity of private donors, Arise Africa purchased the building in the Fairmount Historic District in 2017. After extensive renovations, the 120-year-old building now occupies our USA head offices and serves as a warehouse for the ministry. The space is large enough for our major projects throughout the year and gives Arise the capacity to grow. Stop by the office anytime to meet our staff!

Arise Homes

Arise Africa has partnered with Kershaw’s Challenge to build two homes where children live in our full-time care. Our goal is for these buildings to truly feel like a home for a family and not an “orphanage” layout. Arise has a boys and girls home where twenty children live in Arise’s full-time care. The homes are situated in a nice neighborhood in Lusaka, with each home just a few blocks from each other. There are large yards, open layout kitchens and dens, libraries, tree forts and more!

Our children living in the homes experience the fullness of life and family. They go to school with other Zambian children, attend a local church, and have opportunities for many after school activities and experiences. Our Arise homes are very special and give shelter to some of the most amazing children!

Arise Schools

Arise Africa is committed to providing quality education for Zambian children, and we’ve had the opportunity to build our own schools to achieve that goal. These schools provide a solid foundation for their education and a chance at a brighter future.

The investment we’ve made in these schools is life-changing for our students and creates an opportunity to be a city on a hill for the entire surrounding community. Many classrooms in Zambia don’t have desks or chairs, and students have to sit on dirt floors. Our schools are a comfortable space for students to experience interactive, stimulating, and efficient learning environments. The facilities have fully supplied libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, basketball courts, and soccer fields! They also provide us the opportunity to offer night classes for parents and gatherings for local churches.

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