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Joseph (R) and friends on graduation day
Taonga in culinary school
Taonga in culinary school

Arise Graduate Sponsorships

Once our students finish grade twelve, Arise Africa is committed to helping them in their next step in life! Some of our students are ready for trade school and others are qualified for university either in Africa or America. We want to be there for each child as they figure out what path the Lord has laid out for them. This is a critical phase of life as they begin their adult careers. We take each student in a case-by-case basis to navigate each situation and assist them the best we can.

Even with a full-ride scholarship, there are many expenses that come with a college education—books, transportation, meals, and more. Your donations not only support them financially but offers emotional support as well. If you choose to be a monthly supporter, you will receive reports from the student each term as well as the opportunity to write letters.

Graduates Eligible for Sponsorship

Irené Masabarakiza

Irené is a recent high school graduate from Zambia and his family has been dear friends of Arise for years. We are so excited to share that he has been accepted into the El Centro Chevron Academy of Engineering through Texas A&M! This program is through A&M and he is taught by Aggie professors. After a year, (grades permitting) he will transition to College Station. It is exciting to send Irené to the States for college, but we need your help to do it!

Irené is driven, hardworking, and focused. When he’s not doing homework or studying (which isn’t frequent), he loves producing songs and playing the drums. He wants to be a computer engineer or scientist. He’s fascinated by computer technology and wants to learn how it all works. He wants to one day own his own company that focuses on capitalizing on new engineering capabilities to help develop not only his home, but Africa as a whole.

Vainess Matipa

Vainess has been in our Student Sponsorship program since the 4th grade in 2011. She began working with our career counselor to figure out options for her future. She shared her dream of going to school to study pharmacy! After much anticipation, Vainess is attending one of the best medical schools in Zambia, Apex University! She was nervous to leave her family and board at school, but has placed all her worries and concerns in God, knowing he will make a way for her family.

Vainess is the youngest of 5 siblings and grew up with her parents, grandmother, and extended family. She loves to bake and cook, especially her dad’s favorite meal, roasted fresh fish with pumpkin leaves cooked in pounded groundnuts.

Your support of Vainess will help fund her tuition, housing, transportation, food, and other living expenses while in school. You will receive updates from us about how she is doing and have opportunities to write her letters of encouragement!

Taonga Mpara

We have seen Taonga grown and learn in our sponsorship program since 2013 when she was just 13 years old. Now, she is a high school graduate and has since started her college journey at Lusaka Business and Technical College. She is studying Food Production which includes courses like Food and Beverage, Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, and much more.
Taonga’s favorite school experience has been meeting friends from different areas that have different personalities and getting to learn new things about them. She loves meeting and interacting with new people! She can be found reading in her free time, serving on the praise team and youth ministry at church, or hanging with friends.

Taonga is patient, focused, and so faithful. She is thankful for the opportunity to continue her education and has enjoyed her college experience. She can’t wait to graduate and one day own her own restaurant to help her mom with expenses and help her younger siblings with school.

Nyarai Gwatizo

Nyarai graduated from Matero Girls secondary school, she has started College at Lusaka Business and Technical College and is studying General Hospitality. She is hopeful to put her education to the test and land a job at a big hotel in Lusaka when she finishes school. She wants to help her family’s financial burdens and be able to send her nieces and nephews to school.

Nyarai was only 11 years old when starting sponsorship with Arise and is now 20 years old! She enjoys reading, cooking, baking, plaiting hair, and playing netball. She loves going to church and can be found at all their young adult events. She is grateful for this opportunity to continue her education. If not for this sponsorship, she has not idea where or what she would have been today.

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