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Roommates Florence, Deborah, and Esther
Joseph (R) and friends on graduation day

Arise Graduate Sponsorships

Once our students finish grade twelve, Arise Africa is committed to helping them in their next step in life! Some of our students are ready for trade school and others are qualified for university either in Africa or America. We want to be there for each child as they figure out what path the Lord has laid out for them. This is a critical phase of life as they begin their adult careers. We take each student in a case-by-case basis to navigate each situation and assist them the best we can.

Even with a full-ride scholarship, there are many expenses that come with a college education—books, transportation, meals, and more. Your donations not only support them financially but offers emotional support as well. If you choose to be a monthly supporter, you will receive reports from the student each term as well as the opportunity to write letters.

Graduates Eligible for Sponsorship

Sponsorships start at $50

The cost per month that Arise spends on each child is $75. Please join our mission at whatever level works for you. Any extra helps!

Graduates Eligible for Sponsorship in the USA

Program Graduates

Natasha Nyirenda

Africa University, Psychology

“It feels like just yesterday I was graduating from high school, which at that time I believed were the greatest 3 years of my life. Little did I know how much more was in store for me in my university years to come. There I was a 17-year-old Zambian teenager, getting sent to college through a scholarship offered by Arise Africa and Highland Park United Methodist Church. The shy, timid, and tall young girl had packed her life in just 2 suitcases. I prepared the journey with my 3 brothers who met through Arise and were also scholarship recipients with hope for a brighter future and excitement for the adventure ahead.”

David Sibande

Africa University, Computer Science

“The first time I went to Africa University I was 19 years old, just a teenager with a grade 12 certificate looking forward to achieving greatness through the pursuit of a degree in Computer Information Systems. The 19-year-old David had a lot of expectations about how university life was going to be. I can’t say I was fully wrong or right! One expectation I had was that “university is all about the books”! What I realized is that it’s also about social networking. I never expected that by interacting with classmates and friends, I would develop a strong social-network that could potentially lead to brighter business opportunities.”

Grandson Mwansa

Africa University & Rhema Bible College

“Despite all the craziness, the Lord has been faithful and good to me. I have seen His mighty works in my heart. During my college journey, the Lord prompted my heart with a desire to develop the character that represents Christ in my life. Through His grace, my perspective on the world has improved. I enjoy good work ethics, have respect for human dignity, and the desire to live my day to day life with integrity. I’m forever grateful for His goodness and everlasting love.”

Joseph Phiri

Africa University, Public Administration and Management

“My experience at Africa University has taught me one fundamental thing – life is unpredictable. It might be good, it might be bad, it might be weird, and it might not interest you, but expect anything to happen.I want to thank Arise Africa, Highland Park United Methodist Church, my friends and family and all my supporters for making this a reality for me. Your prayers and every other form of support given to me during my time at school have helped me be a better person in life. Thank you very much!”

Benson Mwenya

DMI St. Eugene University

Benson was the first student Arise supported to pursue education beyond high school. He received a degree in Social Work in May of 2013. He is currently employed and working in Lusaka, Zambia. Benson has a wife and two small daughters.

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