Adopt A Project

How Project Adoption Works

Whether you contribute individually or start a fundraising campaign, the projects you’re supporting have a direct and meaningful impact in the lives of our children and staff. Some of these projects may seem small, but we believe sometimes the simplest gestures mean the most—and they’ll immediately create change for our children.

Current Projects

Teacher Appreciation

Our teachers are the foundation of our programs at Arise Africa. Without well-educated, hard-working, and invested teachers, we couldn’t educate the children of Zambia.

These education professionals are highly qualified and could be making a higher salary at private schools in the area. However, because of their passion for educating underprivileged children, they’ve chosen to joyfully join our efforts. We love to show our appreciation to the teachers by taking them out to dinner, giving them transportation stipends, Christmas gifts, extra teaching supplies, and more.

By donating to our Teacher Appreciation Fund, you can help us show how grateful we are to our teachers for their hard work and sacrifice.

Arise Homes Outings

We love to take every opportunity we can to provide extra activities for our Arise Home children! Your donation to this fund will give our Arise Home parents the chance to take children out for pizza nights, movies, swimming, art exhibits, go-karts, air shows at the airport, and much more. Activities like these give unforgettable experiences to our children and enrich their everyday lives.

Donations to this fund provide for transportation and activity costs. Our children and house parents select the activity once funds are donated, and you’ll receive an email update with photos afterward!

Fund a Computer

Computers allow our students to further their education by adapting their coursework for online use. With your help they will be able to learn basic computer communication skills, research skills for classes and have free knowledge at their fingertips!

Each computer is cost at $130 and we are looking to receive 12 for the upcoming year. Help us reach our goal and bring the joy of technology to our students and teachers!

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