Africa University Graduate: Grandson Mwansa

Grandson Mwansa, Class of 2020

Greetings from Africa!

The first few weeks of the coronavirus spread was quite a lot to handle and full of panic, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. Schools closed down in the middle of finals preparations. Everything was put on hold as we figured out the best way to cope with the new normal. Thankfully, I managed to travel back to Zambia with no problems and continued learning from home through the online platform. Gratefully, my supervisors and the college administration were supportive and encouraging during this uncertain time.


Despite all the craziness, the Lord has been faithful and good to me. I have seen His mighty works in my heart. During my college journey, the Lord prompted my heart with a desire to develop a character that represents Christ in my life. Through His grace, my perspective on the world has improved. I enjoy good work ethics, have respect for human dignity, and the desire to live my day to day life with integrity. I’m forever grateful for His goodness and everlasting love.

When schools abruptly closed due to COVID-19, I got worried and anxious about the next chapter of my life. For the past four years, I dedicated my whole life to college. I built friendships, made commitments, and devoted myself to the college lifestyle. It was normal and comfortable for me and I didn’t want it to end, haha! It’s now time for the new chapter and I’m excited about my next adventure! I feel equipped and ready to share my abilities, gifts, and talents with the world. In my four years of college studying sociology, I enjoyed studying human behavior, human body language, and human social problems. All these studies helped me develop an interest in finding ways to best serve people in their communities. I am very passionate about working with children and women going through abuse and look forward to serving under an NGO agency.

I just want to show my gratitude to Arise Africa and all the sponsors that have made this journey possible. Your financial support, prayers, and encouragement have played a HUGE role in the success of my education. Thanks again for all you do to support Arise Africa as they continue to impact more lives in Zambia. I am grateful for the blessing you have been to me and your extension of a helping hand.

— Grandson Mwansa

Africa University, Class of 2020

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