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Teacher Laiza with her students
Teacher Laiza with her students
Teacher Gibbons with his students around books
Teacher Gibbons

Arise Educator Sponsorships

One of our greatest priorities is providing our students with a quality education, and that begins and ends with our teachers. We hire only well-qualified, hard-working, and passionate educators to lead our students. Our teachers, administration, and headmaster play a huge role in each student’s success and growth. Through our Educator Sponsorship Program, you have an opportunity to fund their salary so they can continue their important work.


Ian Mutanga

Ian Mutanga

History and Civic Education, Grade 8-12 | Arise Christian School
Ian is an enthusiastic teacher at Arise Christian School. He cares deeply for the children of Zambia and is passionate about shaping young minds. After high school, his dream was to become a lawyer, but he began to connect and build relationships with young people in his community. He gained interest in youth empowerment programs and spearheaded an unregistered movement called Cheerful Hearts Youth Association of Zambia.

While empowering the youth of Zambia, he began to develop his skills as a teacher. Up to that point, the majority of his efforts involved encouraging youth to stand on their own and be self-sufficient. But, by 2012, he had developed his talent for teaching and it evolved into the passion and pursuit of becoming an educator.

Zamiwe Banda

Teacher Zamiwe

Kindergarten Teacher | Arise Christian School
Zamiwe developed a passion for teaching in high school, after being inspired by her own teachers. Upon graduation, she began serving her community as an untrained teacher, helping men and women learn to read and write. However, she was unable to afford further education, so she started working for private schools to gain experience and raise money for school. Zamiwe was able to raise enough money to complete her early childhood education at David Livingston College of Education in 2015.

She then began working for, and training under, Teacher Abi at Taonga School, a collaborator with Arise Africa. Abi played a key role in developing her passion and knowledge of teaching. She later transferred to teaching at Arise Christian School. She’s driven to make a difference in as many students’ lives as she can, finding fulfillment in helping children realize their dreams and sharing the message of salvation to her young students.

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