Blog Post 3: UPDATE on the Court Case

This morning our staff went to court for our custody battle of the girls.

First of all everyone take a deep breath because the drama continues!

After many delays, the doctor who examined the girls was supposed to testify today. Yesterday she went to the room where all of the medical files are kept at the hospital. She is not allowed to keep patients files whom there is a court case tied to for many reasons. For privacy, for protection of the file, so things cannot be tampered with etc. When she went to retrieve the file to take to court today, the safe was locked and the ONLY person whom apparently has a key to it, was on leave. And there was no way to get ahold of the person.

The doctor (whom we actually really like and has been incredibly supportive) opted to not come to court today because she was concerned she would be forced to testify without the file. She explained that she does not want to testify without all of the facts and dates and times in front of her. She does not want to be thrown off of have a different story than the file. This would be really good for the defense. We understood.

The Magistrate (judge) has once again delayed the case and we will meet again on November 12th.

There was one win, however:

The magistrate did go ahead and ask for the girls to be tested at the hospital to determine their ages since the only mother (to one of the girls) is not helping. This will be done and the results should be ready for November 12th. We will take it!

This is all very frustrating. However, we do not think this case is getting pushed and pushed and it will disappear or anything like that. Our private attorneys and other Zambians whom we know whom are very successful and experienced attorneys have told us many times, as long as the case continues we are fine. We have been told to be patient. This is only the thousandth time in my life I have been told by a Zambian to be patient and that my “American” perspective is a bit off. They tell me to be patient and that I am too loud daily.

Here is the deal that I get to tell myself when I wake up every morning. The girls are safe. The girls are not being abused. The girls are happy. The girls are eating everyday. This is all because of Mama Acquiline who has been incredible with them. The are larning about God’s love for them. In fact the girls are taking their national exams this week to hopefully pass and go to the next grade. They have had extensive tutoring the last month in our home to get them ready. They are still doing counseling with Sandra. They are CHANGING for the better. They talk so much more, laugh so much more, open up, smile more, and are getting a chance to have a rather normal teenage life. That is a BIG win. And everyday we can provide that and make that happen for them, we are winning.

We do not know how this case will end. We do not know the verdict. God does. God knows the timing. We have to be obedient and apparently really really patient. It is an opportunity to pray more and harder for this situation.

Here are our current prayer requests:

  1. Delays to stop – every magistrate, attorney, witness, and article of evidence or file that is needed can be there on November 12th. Pray for the person with the stupid key to the safe to be at the hospital when we need them.
  2. Pray that the girls test results are ready on November 12th and show their true ages, one of which is under age and that is a pivotal for the case.
  3. Pray for our Prosecutor that he would take this case seriously and want to help.
  4. Pray for our own private attorneys as they try to push and help.
  5. Pray for our staff who go to court every single time and try to push and move this process along.
  6. Pray for continued healing and productive time in the homes for the girls.

Thank you for continuing this journey with us.

  • Alissa
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