From Sudan to Zambia to Atlanta, Georgia!

For the last 6 years Teacher Gama has worked for Arise in Zambia in one of our schools. His Daughter, Rejoice, is also in our child sponsorship program. Gama and his daughter fled the genocide in Sudan and made it to Zambia in 2012. They were living as refugees in the country and Gama was hired by Arise. He has been an incredible teacher to our students and loved them so well.

A few weeks ago Gama was told that he could no longer stay in Zambia. His refugee statues was being revoked due to no reason. For a few days he was held by immigration and told he would return home to Sudan where there was still conflict happening. It was very concerning to all of us. Then, he was told that the United Nations was going to relocate him somewhere in the world but nobody knew where. This too was a little stressful!

To our surprise Gama and Rejoice relocated to Atlanta, Georgia right here in America! How amazing is our Lord?!?! Rejoice started the 7th grade at a middle school on Monday and they are now learning the ropes of living in America. Through the UN, they have a small apartment and some items. However we have put together an Amazon wish list of items they could be blessed by.

Rejoice in her room with the desk and chair we purchased for them.
Gama proudly holding the American flag in their apartment

Gama sacrificially served our children in Zambia for YEARS and loves the Lord with all his heart. The first thing I sent him was a Bible and have been able to chat him daily about how they are doing. Is he nervous? yes. Is Rejoice nervous? yes. The poor girl is brand new to America and new in the seventh grade. But you should hear how thankful they are to the Lord for their circumstances. Help us bless the Gama Family and give them the proper welcome to the states!

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